Poppamies Street Food Seasonings 4-pack

Four amazing seasoning mixtures to make your street food perfect!

Poppamies’ Street Food Seasoning -spice mixture set for seasoning street food.

Spicy Fries Seasoning

SPICY FRIES is a savory premium french fry seasoning with just the right amount of spicy kick from chili. This mixture also fits perfectly for grilled or fried vegetables.

Season fries after frying, arounf 1 tbsp / 500 g. For grilled vegetables and potatoes mix 1 part of seasoning mix, 1 part oil and 1 part water. Drizzle vegetables lightly once before grilling and once during grilling.

Pulled Pork Seasoning

PULLED PORK is a seasoning by Poppamies made from apples and real bourbon. Specifically crafted for pulled pork but is perfect for different types of pork!

Rub seasoning on pork neck, 1 tbsp for 500 g of meat or season when pulled pork is done.

Barbeque Burger Seasoning

BARBEQUE BURGER is a very delicious premium seasoning mixture for burger patties made by Poppamies. A seasoning that astes like malt beer and is just the right amount of salty is well fit for beef and pork.

Season ground beef with 1 tbsp of seasoning for 400 g of meat, or season a cooked burger patty. Also try out as a seasoning on other foods made in the grill!

Tandoori Chicken Seasoning

TANDOORI CHICKEN is an excotic, Indian style seasoning perfectly fit for chicken! You can use the seasoning as it stands for sauces, casseroles and in general cooking. Try it out on pork!

Season a casserole or a creamy sauce by adding the seasoning until it tastes right to you. Rub on meat that is to be grilled at least an hour before cooking. Use 1 tbsp for 500g of meat.

Spicy Fries Seasoning: salt, onion, paprika, chili, rosemary, garlic, black pepper, natural flavors (roasted garlic, sun-dried tomato, fried onion), sunflower oil, rapeseed oil, parsley, basil, cumin, oregano.

Pulled Pork Seasoning: brown sugar (sugar, maltodextrin, icing sugar, raw sugar syrup, potato starch), salt, paprika, onion, coriander, black pepper, garlic, Chipotle, MUSTARD, cinnamon, rapeseed oil, bourbon whiskey (0.4%), apple aroma (0.4%).

Barbeque Burger Seasoning: sea salt, paprika, brown sugar (sugar, maltodextrin, icing sugar, raw sugar syrup, potato starch), onion, black pepper, MUSTARD, chili, turmeric, cumin, natural beer flavor, rapeseed oil, oregano, garlic.

Tandoori Chicken Seasoning: sugar, salt, paprika, clove, coriander, chili, thickener (guar gum), cumin, ginger, garlic, black pepper, onion, cinnamon, MUSTARD, cardamom seed, cloves, nutmeg.

Spicy Fries Seasoning:

Nutrition facts per 100g
Energy 772kJ/185kcal
Fat 3,6g
(saturated) 0,6g
Total carbonhydrate 35g
(sugars) 3,6g
Protein 5,3g
Salt 49,8g

Pulled Pork Seasoning:

Nutrition facts per 100g
Energy 1132kJ/269kcal
Fat 4,6g
(saturated) 0,7g
Total carbonhydrate 55g
(sugars) 27g
Protein 6,2g
Salt 26,1g

Barbeque Burger Seasoning:

Nutrition facts per 100g
Energy 936kJ/223kcal
Fat 5,2g
(saturated) 1,2g
Total carbonhydrate 41g
(sugars) 19g
Protein 8g
Salt 34,5g

Tandoori Chicken Seasoning:

Nutrition facts per 100g
Energy 1303kJ/311kcal
Fat 6,1g
(saturated) 0,9g
Total carbonhydrate 59g
(sugars) 32g
Protein 8,6g
Salt 13g

Size: Spicy Fries Seasoning 120 g, Pulled Pork Seasoning 110 g, Barbeque Burger Seasoning 110 g, Tandoori Chicken Seasoning 100g.
Spiciness: 0/10
EAN: 6430034016496