SIIPIWEIKOT Hot Wings Hot – wing sauce

A legendary chicken wing sauce by Siipiweikot. In terms of its heat level, this sauce corresponds to the level “hot” used at restaurants. It is the exact same sauce used at Siipiweikot restaurants. Siipiweikot sauces have been making a reputation for themselves in Finland for over 20 years.

Rapeseed oil, hardened rapeseed oil, cayenne, vinegar, water, salt, garlic, emulsifiers (E472c, E471), lecithin (E322,sunflower), butter flavor (artificial).

Nutrition Facts per 100g
Calories 991kJ/241kcal
Total Fat 25,4g
(saturated) 2,3g
Total Carbonhydrate 2,4g
(sugars) 0,85g
Protein 0,6g
Salt 6,86g

Size: 500 ml
Spiciness: Hot
EAN: 6430022930070