Pleasantly smoky barbeque flavoured mayonnaise for grill food and haburgers!

Poppamies BBQ Mayonnaise is a pleasant-tasting and slightly smoky barbecue mayonnaise. As the name implies, the barbecue mayonnaise goes particularly well with grilled food, but it is the perfect seasoning for any dish. For example, you should try it on burgers and hot dogs!

Rapeseed oil (EU), water, tomato, sugar, spices (onion, paprika, black pepper), EGG YOLK (4%), spirit vinegar, salt, smoke flavouring, MUSTARD SEED, preservatives (potassium sorbate, sodium bentzoate), thickener (xanthan gum), color (beta caroten), antioxidant (calcium disodium EDTA).

Nutrition Facts per 100 ml
Calories 2294 kJ/557 kcal
Total Fat 58 g
(saturated) 4,1 g
Total Carbonhydrate 6,7 g
(sugars) 5,3 g
Protein 0,9 g
Salt 1,2 g

Size: 290 ml
Spiciness: 0/10

Gluten-free, lactose free

Country of Manufacture: Finland. Refrigerate after opening