Delicious wings at home!

Poppamies wing sauces are delicious and have a new, revolutionary thicker composition! The sauces are really easy to use – simply spread onto cooked wings and enjoy!

How do you use Poppamies wing sauces?

1. Cook the chicken wings

You can use either pre-cooked wings or raw wings. See the detailed instructions below.

2. Season the wings with sauces

Spread the Poppamies wing sauce of your choice onto the cooked wings. You can also place the wings and sauce in a container with a lid and shake, allowing the sauce to cover the wings thoroughly. You can also use wing sauces as dip for wings! Poppamies wing sauces will stick to wings perfectly and stay on the surface for a long time – the sauces also withstand heating.

3. Eat your wings!

Delightfully greasy and crispy chicken wings are a delicious treat enjoyed as finger food as they are. You can also serve wings with different dipping sauces; try the Poppamies Blue Cheese Style dip powder with a full-fat sour milk product! Serving pickles, carrot and celery sticks for dipping is also a popular choice.

Cooking chicken wings

At home, Poppamies makes their wings in an airfryer or oven.

Wings are available in shops both raw and pre-cooked. Cooked wings are sold both frozen and refrigerated. Cooked, refrigerated wings are usually slightly faster to cook than frozen wings.

If you make your wings using raw and unflavoured wings, you should season them with salt or Poppamies RUB spices before cooking. Poppamies wing sauces can also be used to season pre-marinated wings.

Wings cooked in the oven

Preheat the oven to 225 degrees. Spread the wings evenly onto a baking tray lined with baking paper. Warm cooked frozen wings for about 20 minutes and raw wings for about 35 minutes in the fan-assisted oven. Turn the wings halfway through cooking. The wings are ready when they turn golden brown.

Wings cooked in the airfryer

Place the wings in the airfryer bowl. Depending on the size of your airfryer, the bowl can fit 10–20 wings. Cook frozen wings at 180 degrees for about 14 minutes, unfrozen cooked wings for 10 minutes and raw wings for about 25 minutes. You can turn the wings halfway through cooking.