Poppamies reaches 100 points of sales in Baltic countries

Finland’s leading BBQ- & hot-sauce brand Poppamies is now available throughout 100 locations in baltic countries. Retailers in Lithuania and Estonia include Maxima, Promo Cash & Carry, Avitela, Elektromarkt, Kesko Rauta, Kesko Senukai and several other outlets and special shops around countries.

Poppamies and baltic distributor Kamado Bono began to co-operate three years ago by first testing the market with few special shops. After a very successful start, partners created a growth plan and executed it successfully reaching one hundred sales points and over 100 000 sold products in year 2020.

Kamado Bono CEO Tomas Petryla is very pleased to see the growth of sales ”Working with Poppamies has been very successful. When we found the company we were immediately convinced of their ability to create flavours with high quality which attracts BBQ-lovers all around the world. Unique touch and attitude towards cooking is noticeable in everything we do together”

“Poppamies is pleased to have such a committed partner to work with. Our goal is to double points of sales in baltics over year 2021 and with Kamado Bono we are convinced to succeed. Our focus after the domestic market is to rapidly increase our export sales in baltics and scandinavia in the next few years” says Poppamies CEO Caj Sjöman.


Poppamies CEO / Caj Sjöman
caj.sjoman (at) poppamies.fi
+358 45 135 2266