Majonen is more than just mayonnaise!

Majonen is Poppamies´ vegan mayonnaise, that isn´t missing any flavours!

Poppamies Garlic Majonen is a very garlicky vegan mayonnaise. The mayonnaise is a great match with all grilled food, street food and salads and is excellent for seasoning all food.

Rapeseed oil (EU), water, garlic (EU, non-EU) (8,4%), sugar, spirit vinegar, modified cornstarch, thickener (xanthan gum), salt, MUSTARD SEED, preservatives (potassium sorbate, sodium bentzoate), antioxidant (calcium disodium EDTA)

Nutrition Facts per 100 ml
Calories 1943 kJ/471 kcal
Total Fat 48 g
(saturated) 3,1 g
Total Carbonhydrates 9,3 g
(sugars) 7 g
Protein 0,6 g
Salt 1 g

Size: 290 ml
Spiciness: 0/10

Gluten-free, lactose free, vegan

Country of Manufacture: Finland. Refrigerate after opening